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Metro Non-Profit Housing Association

Metro Non-Profit Housing Association runs a daily drop-in (Housing Support Centre), an eviction prevention program (Halifax Housing Help), and a Supported Housing program for single people who struggle with housing stability. MNPHA can help coordinate primary and ongoing health care needs and can provide case management for people who are receiving services and support in MNPHA programs. Please call for referral details.

Metro Non-Profit Housing Association

HALIFAX HOUSING HELP, 902.423.0722, M-F – 8:30am-4:00pm

HHH is designed to assist people who are at risk of eviction, people who have difficulty finding housing. The HHH team believes strongly in collaboration and communication among agency partners to ensure supports provided to individuals are efficiently coordinated and respectfully provided. HHH also works hard to build positive relationships with landlords to support them in providing tenancy to individuals working with the project and to mediate problems that may arise to prevent the need for eviction.

  • I Talks to landlords on behalf of individuals Yes
  • I Works with individuals and landlords to prevent eviction Yes
  • I Works with individuals and landlords to keep people housed Yes


Please call for more information about the availability and schedule of onsite resources.

Community space: Check afternoon programming schedule at the Housing Support Centre
Shining Lights Choir: Ask about choir rehearsals at the Housing Support Centre

General Information

Gender: Everyone welcome
Age: 18+
Intake: Yes for housing (ID required) – No for drop-in – Yes Supported Housing Program and Halifax Housing Help
Sleeping arrangements: No shelter service
Number of beds: N/A
Accessible: Yes
Drop-in: Yes – Housing Support Centre – M-F – 8:00am-12:00pm
Children welcome: No
Pets welcome: No
Showers: Yes – toiletries and towels available (ask at the Housing Support Centre)
Meals: Coffee and snacks – no meals
Food bank: No
Laundry: No
Clothing bank: No
Furniture bank: No
Medication storage: Yes*
Preferred pharmacy: Forest Hills delivers – call-in prescriptions at: 902.889.2733
Drug and alcohol use: Behaviour-based philosophy**
Trustee program: Yes – Halifax Housing Help
Housing Support Centre: 902.423.5479
Halifax Housing Help: 902.423.0722
Fax number: 902.423.0911
* In some situations, MOSH can support daily dispensing of meds for people in MNPHA programs. Contact MOSH to consult. **No using on site. However, guests are welcome while under the influence as long as they can manage their behaviour and be respectful of staff and others in the space. All drug use paraphernalia should be turned into staff – staff will hold drug use paraphernalia and return it to guests upon their request when they leave. Sharps disposal available upon request.


MOSH hours: Tu – 8:00-9:45am