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Barry House

AKA “the Women’s Shelter on Gottingen” or “Barry”
Barry House is a shelter for women and their children who are experiencing homelessness. We offer support services from a client centred approach. Women are welcome to bring their domestic pets.

Barry House

If a woman is experiencing homelessness, and do not have the means to secure housing elsewhere, Barry House may call at any time – 902.422.8324 – to determine if there is a bed available. If there are no beds available at that time, you are encouraged to call or arrive at Barry House (2706 Gottingen Street) at 6pm and/or midnight any day of the week, because these are the times that beds are re-assigned each day.

Clients who are registered at the shelter are required to re-register each day between 4pm-6pm, and must be in the building between midnight and 6am to guarantee their bed. There are some exceptions to this rule.



Please call for more information about the availability and schedule of onsite resources.

  • Shared Care Mental Health: Provides one-on-one mental health support and
    referral to services.
  • Income Assistance Worker: Provides support to people in accessing income
  • Mental Health Mobile Crisis: Provides crisis intervention mental health services.

* Residents with income may be subject to comply with income savings plan to assist with their transition. Please call Barry House and ask. ** Medications must be turned in to staff for storage. Staff secure them but will not dispense medications. Residents have access to their medication on request and control their medication dosing. Staff will contact healthcare professionals, including MOSH, if they are concerned regarding misuse of prescribed medications. *** No drug or alcohol use on site. However, guests are welcome to access the shelter while under the influence of intoxicants as long as they can manage their behaviour and be respectful of themselves and others in the space. All drug use paraphernalia and re-sealable alcohol must be turned into staff – staff will hold this and return it to guests upon their request when they leave, if it is deemed safe to do so. Sharps disposal available upon request.

General Information

Gender: Women and Non-Binary
Age: 16+
Intake: Yes – ID requested but not required
Pay-per-night: No – there is no charge for eligible clients*
Sleeping arrangements: Shared rooms with bunk beds – one single room
Number of beds: 20
Accessible: No – must be able to climb stairs
Drop-in: No
Daytime access: Yes
Children welcome: Yes – boys must be aged 12 or younger
Pets welcome: No
Showers: Yes – toiletries and towels as available
Meals: Yes – Breakfast – Lunch – Supper daily for residents
Food bank: No
Laundry: Yes
Clothing bank: Yes – selection dependent on donations
Furniture bank: No
Medication storage: Yes**
Preferred pharmacy: Forest Hills delivers – call- in prescriptions: 902.889.2733
Drug and alcohol use: Behaviour-based philosophy***
Trustee program: By referral


MOSH hours: Tue – 10:00-11:30am/Fri – 5:30-6:30pm

1 (902) 422-2046