Well-baby visits are booked with your physician often within the first week of delivering. The nurse and/or nurse practitioner or physician examine your baby. The nurse or nurse practitioner assesses the growth and development using a standardized screening tool from the first and regular 2, 4, 6, 12 and 18 month visits.

At each visit, the nurse incorporates health teaching on topics such as infant feeding, active parenting and safety. Immunizations are given according to provincial guidelines. Referrals are made to community programs and resources that assist parents in raising a happy healthy child.

The goals of visits for well-baby care are:

  • To assess growth using a developmental screen.
  • To immunize against preventable diseases.
  • To provide parents with reassurance and counselling on safety, nutrition and behavioural problems.
  • To identify and treat physical, developmental and parenting problems.