Senior Leadership Team

Marie-France LeBlanc, Executive Director
Kelly Gaudet, Director of Operations and Finance

Our Physicians

Dr. Glenn Campbell
Dr. John Fraser
Dr. Leisha Hawker
Dr. Anne Houstoun
Dr. Morgan MacKenzie

Dr. Genny Mortera
Dr. Cliona O’Brien
Dr. Andrea Ridout
Dr. Rod Wilson

Our Nurse Practitioners

Heather Haymn, NP
Marilyn Rutherford, NP

Our Nurses

Tammy Calabrese, RN, Patient Care Coordinator
Rose Fraser, RN
Lucy Swaray, RN
Esther MacInnis, RN, Mental Health, Shared Care
Tamara Kotenko, RN, Foot Care

Health Care Professionals

Megan MacBride, Social Worker
Shelley Baccardax, Dietitian
Donna LeMoine, Mental Health, Shared Care

Dental Clinic

Dr. John Miller, Dentist
Francine Leach, Dental Hygienist
Jessica White, Dental Assistant


Ada Adams, Team Lead, Front Desk Reception
Rena Alexander, Billing & Operations Clerk
April Allen, Payroll & Accounting Administrator
Tammie Beazley, Reception
Tina Bishop, Clinical Aide
Scott Drummond, Evening Reception
Erica Patterson, Reception
Sandra Parker, Community Outreach Coordinator
Ronita Quigley, Reception
Heather St. Pierre, Fund Development & Human Resources Coordinator


Becky Marvel, Acting Team Lead
Heather Nicholson,
Health Case Manager
Erin Iles,
Occupational Therapist
Jaq Atkinson,
Outreach Nurse Practitioner
Trish MacKay
, Outreach Nurse
Rick Swaine, Outreach Nurse
Dr. Leah Genge, Physician

Housing First

EJ Davis, Team Lead
Katie Rennie, Program Coordinator
Mylene Boisvert, Occupational Therapist
Peter Arsenault, Intensive Case Manager
Mynah Meagher, Intensive Case Manager
Miranda Pierro, Intensive Case Manager
Ty Silver, Intensive Case Manager
Lillian Loppie, Intensive Case Manager