Contacts for Help

If you or someone you know is needing a hand, the following is a list non-profit organizations in the North End that offer various programs and services.

Addiction Services

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(902) 423 9991
Needle exchange program and impact reducing practice.

Direction 180
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(902) 420 0566
A Methadone treatment clinic.

Housing Services

Ark Outreach
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Drop-in Center for homeless and street youth.

Shelter Nova Scotia
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(902) 406 3631
Provides support and housing.

Metro Non-Profit Housing
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(902) 466 8714
Providing long-term, secure housing and support to low-income individuals.

The Salvation Army – Centre of Hope
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(902) 422 2363
Providing hope and support to vulnerable communities.

Metro Turning Point
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(902) 420 3282
Provides Emergency Shelter for men experiencing homelessness.

Metro Non-Profit Housing Support Center
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(902) 423 5479
Supportive housing program for single people struggling with housing instability.


Stepping Stone
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(902) 420 0103
Provides services and supports to sex workers, current and former; people at risk of entering the sex trade; and, trafficked persons.

Halifax Association for Community Living
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(902) 463 4752
Serving adults and children with intellectual disabilities.

Mi’kmaw Native Friendship Center
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(902) 420 1576
The Mi’kmaw Native Friendship Center seeks to aid the urban aboriginal population.

Dalhousie Legal Aid Service
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Provides information, advice and advocacy for people who would not otherwise be able to obtain legal advice and/or representation on topics such as: Income Assistance and other income support matters;
Tenant Rights and housing matters; Human Rights issues; consumer issues including debts such as student loans and Nova Scotia Power cut-offs.

Women’s Services

Dress for Success
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(902) 493 7377
Empowering women to economic independence.

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(902) 423 5049
Offers service and support to women experiencing homelessness.

Elizabeth Fry Society
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(902) 454 5041
Working with women to address the root causes of criminalization.

Barry House
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Provides emergency shelter for women and their dependent children experiencing homelessness.

Open Arms/Salvation Army
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(902) 422 2363
Providing a safe environment for women and children to gather.

Food Resources

Hope Blooms
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(902) 405 3830
Not-for-profit helping to improve healthy food awareness in their community.

Souls Harbour Rescue Mission
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(902) 405 4663
Sanctuary, safe house, storm shelter.

Brunswick Street Mission
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(902) 423 4605
Improving the quality of life for those experiencing poverty.

Hope Cottage
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(902) 429 7968
Helping and feeding the homeless population.

Family Resources

North End Parent Resource Center
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(902) 492 0133
Offers support programs and resources that meet the identified needs of single parents living in the North End Community of Halifax.

Family SOS
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(902) 455 5515
Child-centered organization geared towards building healthy families.

Community Centers

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(902) 422 9622
Building healthier communities.

Veith House
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(902) 453 4320
Meeting the needs of children, family and individuals experiencing poverty.

*Please note that this list is not all-inclusive. We may have missed some resources. Please contact if you are an organization in the North End of Halifax providing programs and services to our community, and want to request to be listed.