We’re Moving!

The North End Community Health Centre is moving to a new home starting this spring.

Why a new location?

Our current location opened in the 80s. When new we had only 12 staff, we now have over 50 at two sites. This leaves both of our current cites over crowded. We need more space to provide existing services and programs. We also need space to expand our programs and services in healthcare, teaching, and community programming in a safe and welcoming environment.

Our 2165 Gottingen Street locations requires significant, costly repairs and at our site at 2101 Gottingen both our dental and MOSH programs require more space. For these reasons, a new site was made a priority during our 2015 strategic planning process by both the board and staff.

Why Lease instead of buy a new building?

The centre’s staff explored many options including renovating the existing space, buying another building, and constructing a new building but leasing space was the best available option at this time. The centre does not have the funding required to buy and maintain and new building. Leasing will help the centre’s financial position.

The choice to lease meant the centre could move to a better location sooner than later and also means that we can remain close to our patients in the heart of our community. We will be in a 10 year lease with an option to renew and we’ll be able to move soon and keep all programs and services under one roof.

What happens to the current building?

2165 Gottingen Street will be listed and sold, the profit from the sale will be used to improve our financial situation and to invest in new equipment for the new site.

When will the move take place?

Our goals for the move are as follows:

  • April 17, 2017
    Primary care opens at new locations
    2165 Gottingen closes.
  • July 1, 2017
    MOSH opens
    “JBO” community space opens
  • September 1, 2017
    Dental clinic opens
  • Fall 2017
    Official opening