Community Healthy-Living Programs

Community Development and Capacity Building are key ingredients for the health and well-being of a population. This is particularly true for racialized and marginalized communities. It is only when a community is empowered, engaged, well-informed and active that it begins to take ownership of its health and wellbeing. We assist members of the community to address health issues and obtain the information they need to make appropriate choices and develop skills for a healthy lifestyle.

At NECHC all our programs and services are designed and delivered with this philosophy to reach all our community members and help them maintain or improve their health and well-being.

Kitchen Skills – focused on helping people develop their kitchen skills and prepare healthier and affordable meals.

Mindful Monday – was a program developed to help people deal with anxiety and stress.

North End Walkers – is a physical activity program that takes participants on a 40-minute walk through the North End community which is followed by a healthy lunch at JBO. JOIN NOW!

Craft Night – A program for young and older people who have an interest in learning handcraft skills and/or want to be part of a group to share skills.

Health and Wellness – This program focuses on how food choices can help manage different chronic diseases and provided support for other factors that impacted health.

Read with Me – A weekly drop-in reading group for parents and preschool-aged children. Caregivers are shown and given a chance to practice new reading skills and techniques during book reading to improve reading skills of their children.

Let’s Talk Health – This program provides a dynamic informative hour on various health and wellness topics.

Tea n’ Talk – A program for community members looking for a group to share life experiences and stories, and learn health topics on an array of topics.