About Us

Our Service Area

The North End Community Health Centre serves the north end of Halifax. Our service area includes everything from the odd addresses on Robie Street east to the water between the odd addresses on Cogswell Street north to the even addresses on Duffus Street.

Since 1971

Established by the community in 1971, the North End Community Health Centre is a non-profit society and registered charity serving the north end of Halifax with a collaborative care team of over 45 staff members.

Over 5,000

As of 2016, the North End Community Health Centre had over 5,300 registered clients with about 1,500 monthly client encounters. We also operate and participate in numerous community initiatives.

Our History

The Centre was founded in 1971 by a group of local residents in response to a need for health care services in North End Halifax.  Located on Gottingen Street, we are in the heart of a unique and culturally diverse community.

The Centre partners with many local community organizations and service providers to support community health.  The Centre also serves as an educational learning environment for students in the health profession.

The Centre is funded by the Provincial Department of Health managed through the Capital District Health Authority, MSI and through various grants and charitable donations.

The North End Community Health Association encourages members and program users to be involved in setting the direction for their health Centre.  Users of the Centre, residents and friends of the Centre are encouraged to become members.  The Board of Directors is drawn from members of the Association and oversees the governance of the Centre through planning and policy setting. Volunteerism is always welcomed and appreciated, particularly on committees of the Health Centre and of the Board of Directors.

Initiatives & Partnerships

The Community Health Centre’s model of health care delivery emphasizes inter-sectoral collaboration. In doing so, there is a very strong committed effort to partner with community as well as government agencies with the emphasis on initiating community-based programs and their subsequent sustainability.

The NECHC collaborates with a number of government and community agencies to provide services for women, children, teens, those struggling with addictions, and other social issues of every day.